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Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

VERNISSAGE: Thursday July 11, 2024 

18.00 – 20.00 

09.07.2024 – 20.07.2024

Espace Sylvia Rielle: 10, Place des Vosges 75004 PARIS

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday  11-00  – 18.00

Lauren Banuvar, Stefania Carrozzini, Roni Doppelt, Alexandra Kauka, Inés Mantel, 

Daria Martinoni, Midori McCabe, Anya Pesce, Jaqueline Real, Paul Zawadzki, 

Susan Weber-Lehrfeld

In collaboration with 

Espace Sylvia Rielle in collaboration with MyMicroGallery is proud to present “Gèographie Èmotionelle/Emotional Geography” an exhibition created and curated by Stefania Carrozzini featuring by eleven artists from different countries.

Art is ultimately an access, a breach, a gift. It is the desire to let others into one's world, it is a process of unveiling a profound secret that is often unknown even to ourselves. Emotional geography draws those clear and distinct echoes of otherwise inaccessible interior processes in space.

And it all happens in this context, on a territory, on a dimension that becomes palpable in the work of artists through their creations. Geography here is understood as a mapping of calm or restless energies, tangible territories of lived or imaginary spaces. The emotional journey that unfolds in this exhibition is a narrative that offers the rare opportunity to enter someone's mind and heart. Once we enter these places, we encounter a real topography, an intimate geography in the making.

Shapes. Colors. Spaces of memory. Objects in space. Urban landscapes. Flashes of everyday moments. Everything fits together like a story in which objects change and take on a new meaning depending on who is looking.

Thus, an exhibition can be a geographical book that becomes a map in the place where it is perceived. Each work is generally different from the one next to it. The editing accentuates both the differences and the visual similarities. The sequential form is a film in progress laid bare on the wall.

Inputs of reality and abstraction alternate, circumscribing mental places made up of single and autonomous perceptive paths. 

By following the connecting threads between the various works, one is invited to explore and come into contact with the inner world of the artists who give life to an authentic mapping of their unconscious. Going beyond the individual work, beyond the subject, here we also try to highlight the collective role of the emotions that the choral ensemble of works arouses. Returning to the subject, each work is undoubtedly the result of the physical context in which it was conceived and created, the places in which it was conceived, not only the physical places, but also the places of memory and identity.

And these emotional maps can reveal how certain places arouse specific feelings such as joy, nostalgia, fear, sadness.

Emotions travel on two tracks: the mind and the heart. They are a complex phenomenon and an immense field of investigation. Are they thoughts, physiological reflexes, or behavioral impulses? Emotional experiences are all of these aspects together.

We live in an era of tremendous expansion of technical rationality. The continuous search for notoriety and visibility transforms our emotions into merchandise. Art is one of these rare antidotes, because it allows us to recognize emotions, helping us to rediscover our intimate space, a place that is not a product but part of our evolution on the path to knowledge. 

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

July 9– July 20, 2024

Vernissage : Thursday July 11, 18.00 – 20.00

Espace Sylvia Rielle :  10, Place des Vosges 75004 PARIS

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday 

11.00 – 18.00

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